Criminal Litigation

Weidner Law Firm provides criminal defense as one of our many services. Criminal defense law is much different than civil law because the possible outcome for the client is loss of their freedom. We offer result-orientated defense for all criminal charges and promise to represent our clients to the fullest extent allowed under the law.

DUI Charges

People charged with driving while intoxicated (DUI) require legal representation. This is a very serious charge and the assistance of an attorney is necessary. The State of Georgia takes driving under the influence very seriously, and rightly so, but even first-time offenders can face incarceration as part of their punishment.

How Weidner Law Firm Can Help You If You Are Facing a DUI Charge

If you are facing a DUI charge, our firm can zealously represent you before the court. We will evaluate many factors of your case, including the validity of the roadside sobriety test and the arrest report that was prepared by the officer. We will review the entire process to determine if the arrest was in compliance with the law, which could affect the charges being placed against you.

If everything is in accordance with the law, our law firm will look at the circumstances surrounding the arrest and work to make sure that the punishment you receive is just and not excessive.

Other Criminal Charges

The scope of our criminal representation is not limited to DUI charges. We have the capabilities to represent anyone who has been charged with a crime; in fact, one of our attorneys is certified to handle death penalty cases. 

We strive to provide excellent representation of our clients, regardless of the charge because our Constitution states that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. 

What We Can Do For You If You’re Facing Criminal Charges

If you are facing criminal charges of any type, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our criminal defense attorneys. They will be able to review the case and provide you with competent representation in the defense for your situation. Our lawyers will use every resource available to provide you with excellent representation throughout the entire process.