Civil Litigation

We are a full-service law firm which can provide help to North Georgia residents who are having legal issues that need to be resolved in court. Civil litigation is generally any area of law that is not criminal. Areas of civil litigation include:

  • Injuries resulting from negligence. This also includes wrongful death.
  • Wills and Probate
  • Business disputes
  • Contract issues
  • Foreclosure defense.
  • Forfeitures that are a result of criminal case.
  • Title and insurance disputes. This also includes bad faith committed by insurance companies.

This is just a sampling of the areas of civil litigation matters that we handle. Our experienced attorneys are able to represent you in virtually any manner of civil litigation.

What We Can Do For You

Our firm realizes that there are many different situations which may lead to a civil litigation case. With this in mind, we evaluate each case on an individual basis. Once we determine the merits of the case, we will present to our clients an outline of what will take place in the suit and the various potential outcomes.

Depending on the area of your problem, our attorneys may be able to resolve the conflict through mediation. This is the process of having a meeting with the attorneys from both parties in an effort to resolve the issue without going to court.