Starting or expanding your family through adoption is a very exciting time. Families who desire to open their hearts and homes to a child are blessed by God; however, adoptions are exceedingly complex matters legally and practically. Families need to seek a Georgia adoption attorney for assistance to guide them through the process.

Deciding To Adopt

There are many children available for adoption in the United States. Children from newborns to teens need love and care. Some of these children may have special needs due to physical, emotional or mental disabilities. Many of these children are healthy. 

Many North Georgia adoptions also include bringing in children from another country. International adoptions have been on the rise for the last thirty years, with children coming from all parts of the world. 

We Are Here For You As You Navigate Adopting a Child

If you decide that you are ready to start your family or to expand the one you have, we are here to help. We will work with you to ensure that your rights, and the rights of your new child, are protected and that your adoption is done in conformance with Georgia law.