Corporate and Business Law

Individuals or businesses who desire professional representation in business or corporate law will be pleased with the large variety of services our law firm offers. Weidner Law Firm provides services in all areas of corporate and business law including, but not limited to:

  • Corporation and/or Company formation
  • Contract creation and disputes
  • Partnership or shareholder disputes
  • Insurance issues

Business Tort Cases

A business tort is one that generally involves wrongs committed by an entity against a business. In some cases, the tort case may be against your business as the entity which committed the wrongdoing. These could be serious civil charges and our lawyers are here to help.

When wrongdoing is committed against your company, usually through a breach of trust or unfair competition, your company can suffer economic and reputation damage. Your company can suffer losses of clientele, relationships with suppliers, and even its ability to advertise, which could be catastrophic to your business. 

We take these issues seriously and will work with experts in every field necessary to determine the extent of your damages and do all we can to secure just compensation. 

On the other side of the issue, we also know how serious it is for your business to be accused of wrongdoing. If this is the case, we will put our lawyers to work to review every bit of the case and look for the best possible outcome. We understand how an accusation like this may adversely affect your business and damage your reputation.

How We Can Support You in Your Business

Your business, whether just in its development stage or a long existing entity, is one of the most important things in your life.  Your business is something to which you have dedicated much of your time and resources, and we are here to help you protect that valuable asset. Our attorneys are well versed in Georgia business law and will work diligently to protect your business.

If you have any legal concerns starting a business, or any issues that have arisen while you are in business, we encourage you to call for a consultation and let us help.

  • Blake Rainwater & Associates, Inc.
  • Budget Towing & Recovery, LLC
  • Clarkesville Development Corporation, Inc.
  • Densmore Farm, LLC
  • The Everyday Good, Inc.
  • ExpressMed, Inc.
  • Georgia Mountains & Lakes Realtors® Association
  • Habersham Medical Park, Inc.
  • Hazel Creek Cider, Inc.
  • Lake Burton Investments, Inc.
  • Microsoft, Inc.
  • Northeast Georgia Carpet, Inc.
  • Pro-Lectric Industrial Contractors, Inc.
  • Pure and Simple Soap, LLC
  • Rogers’ Strategies, LLC
  • Sweet Breads, LLC
  • Toccoa Service Gas Company, Inc.
  • Weidner Landscape, LLC
  • Weidner Woodworking, LLC