Family Law

Family law is a very specialized part of the law. Issues that fall within this category, such as divorce and child custody, are all very personal issues that will be handled with care. North Georgia residents facing these serious issues need a law firm that not only will aggressively represent them, but one that understands the pain and confusion they may be feeling.

When A Divorce Is More Than Signing A Paper

One of the most common issues to fall under family law is divorce. This serious event is complicated, and is especially so if there are children involved. Custody battles, paternity testing, and support agreements are all part of the process.

This type of legal action will also include financial issues, such as pensions and retirement funds, spousal support, or division of assets. Each of these items needs to be addressed before the divorce decree is finalized and it is critical to have an attorney that understands family law.

Additionally, there are times when a divorce is necessary due to domestic violence issues. North Georgia individuals facing physical and emotional harm, or if their children are in danger, need a lawyer who knows how to secure the protection they deserve.

Family Law Is An Ongoing Process

It would be very nice if once a divorce is finalized there were no other legal issues involved. Sadly, most of the time divorced couples finds themselves in court several times after the final decree. There may be issues concerning custody, support payments, or issues concerning the upbringing of the children. If there are no children, spousal support issues and problems with assets may arise. Problems with credit can also bring divorced couples before the judge.

What Our Law Firm Can Do For You

Our professional attorneys will help you through this very difficult time. While we cannot erase the pain from a divorce, we can ease the frustration involved. Our attorneys will be glad to work with you throughout the case to ensure that your best interests are addressed.