Divorce is a serious legal issue that is often hindered by emotions. Anger, confusion and hurt feelings often cloud rational thinking, and many people find that they cannot rationally come to an agreement with their soon to be former spouse.

We understand.

Our North Georgia divorce lawyers understand how traumatic this time in your life can be, and we are here to help with all the legal issues surrounding your divorce. We are an experienced family law firm that has the capabilities to aggressively represent you in your divorce to ensure that you are treated fairly as you leave your marriage.

We are well equipped to handle situations that arise during divorce, such as responsibility for debts, child custody, and division of assets. We are also well versed in all current Georgia laws surrounding divorce and will make sure that they are complied with throughout the case.

What To Expect During A Divorce Proceeding

When you file for divorce, you should expect the process to take several months. In some cases the divorce can be handled quickly, if both parties agree to the division of assets and financial responsibilities drawn up in the divorce agreement. Most of the time, however, it takes many meetings between the two parties before an agreement is made.

Often, the longest issue to resolve in a divorce is child custody arrangements and child support payments. When spouses ares unable to deal with each other, they often find it hard to agree on what is in the best interest of their children. We promise to work to make sure your children’s best interest is a priority in the case.

Once both parties have reached an agreement it will be submitted to the court for final approval. When the court approves, the divorce will be granted and the couple will no longer be married. Once the decree is filed with the clerk, all aspects of the agreement become a legally binding document and both parties must comply with the document. Additionally, the woman may resume her maiden name if she so desires at this time.

What Our Divorce Attorneys Can Do For You

We offer our North Georgia neighbors complete representation services for divorce. If you are filing for divorce, or someone is suing you for divorce, we are capable of handling all of your needs. We can also help you with many other issues once the divorce is completed, such as completing a new Will, estate planning, and enforcement of any items in the divorce decree if necessary.