A contract is an agreement between two or more parties that, when signed, becomes legally binding. Legally binding means that the terms of the contract must be adhered to or there will be legal consequences. These consequences often result in paying compensation to the other party for services not fulfilled.

Contracts are an essential part of life in both personal and business transactions. Businesses make contracts with suppliers, retail establishments and their clients. Individuals make contracts with their employers, with businesses, and even among family members.

A contract is something that should be taken seriously, from its creation to when it is signed. We recommend that all contracts are carefully reviewed by an attorney before they are signed to ensure that signing it is in your best interest.

When Contracts Are Disputed

If you have entered into an agreement with an individual or a business, and they are not in compliance, you have the right to sue. Our experienced attorneys will be able to help you fight your case and force compliance of the contract or secure rightful and just compensation.

Other Related Services

As a full service law firm, we also offer many other business related services that may be beneficial to you personally or for your company. In addition to contract creation and resolution services, we offer business creation, estate planning, and all forms of civil litigation.